How is your jewelry made?

I use tradition silversmithing techniques to create each piece. This includes hammering, stamping, sawing, soldering, and polishing. I'm continuously learning new techniques to implement them into my designs.

Where do you source your materials?

Metals and components are purchased through Rio Grande Jewelry Supply in New Mexico. Stones and beads are bought at local bead and stone stores in Minnesota and New Mexico. I don't do lapidary work such as cut stones or drill holes in stones.  

Are your metals eco friendly? 

Eco Sterling silver is made from recycled sterling silver scrap. I reuse/recycle all metal scrap such as sterling siver, brass, and copper. 

Is your packaging recyclable and eco friendly? 

Yes packaging is recyclable. Boxes and EcoEnclose padded mailers are made with 100% Recycled materials and are recyclable after use.

Is your jewelry nickel free?

Yes, the metals I use - sterling silver, brass, and copper are all nickel free. Although I cannot guarantee all pieces are allergy free because everyone has different sensitivities. If you have experienced allergies to sterling silver, brass or copper before I highly recommend looking for jewelry made with gold, gold-filled, niobium or titanium. 

Will my jewelry tarnish? 

Yes, tarnishing is natural:

Sterling Silver is comprised of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Copper naturally reacts to moisture and sulfer in the air causing jewelry to tarnish. Sterling silver jewelry will tarnish faster in areas with high humidity and air pollution.

Brass is made of copper and zinc, which will naturally tarnish when exposed to oxygen. Oils from your skin in addition to oxygen with accelerate the tarnishing.

Copper when exposed to air can tarnish. It can turn a green or bluish green color and stain the skin with prolonged contact with air, sweat, chemicals such as soaps, lotions and makeup.

To slow down the process of tarnishing remove jewelry before washing hands, bathing, swimming or working out. This includes swimming pools, hot tubs, saunas, and especially hot springs. If you are applying lotions or perfumes wait until you're dry to put on jewelry. 

Will my jewelry stain my skin? 

Metal jewelry can stain skin with prolonged exposure to sweat, humidity and chemicals. Remove rings prior to washing hands, applying hand cream and before bathing or swimming. It also helps to clean your jewelry to remove oils and residue with warm water and soap. Be sure your jewelry is completely dry before storing in a box or bag. Polishing clothes also help remove tarnishing and oils. 

How do I properly store my jewelry?

To avoid accelerated tarnishing or color change store your jewelry in plastic bag with an anti tarnish cloth in a cool dry place. In hot climates keep in an air conditioned room. Avoid keeping jewelry boxes in bathrooms or anywhere moist and warm.

If you don't mind your jewelry tarnishing over time you can leave it out of the jewelry box. Sometimes the antique look is beautiful!